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Pai Gow originated in Historical China as a playing recreation that is performed with dominoes. “Pai Gow” (Pi Gau) actually translated means “Dominoes – 9” and when your hand solely has a excessive card of 9, its thought-about a “pai Gow” hand (the worst hand doable to get)!


The thing of the sport is to win your wager by having each of your arms rank increased than each arms of the financial institution. Arms are ranked like in conventional poker.

The deck incorporates 53 playing cards together with a one joker, which can solely be used with straights, flushes, straight flushes, royal flushes, and when used alone the Joker turns into an ace.

The participant receives seven playing cards which have to be organized in a 5 card hand (known as a excessive hand or the again hand) and a two card hand (known as the 2nd highest hand, low hand, or entrance hand).

The again 5-card hand should outrank the entrance 2-card low hand based on poker guidelines. In case your excessive hand does not out rank your low hand, you forfeit your wager. Additionally, you will lose your wager for those who do not set the playing cards correctly by not putting 5 playing cards in your again hand and a pair of playing cards in entrance hand.

In case your back and front hand beats the bankers back and front arms (arms are ranked with conventional poker guidelines), you win the wager.

For those who lose each back and front arms, you lose your wager.

For those who win one hand and lose the opposite hand, your wager pushes.

When both the entrance or again hand ties with the financial institution, the financial institution wins the tied hand.

The home supplier handles and collects all bets and costs a 5% fee on all successful bets. There isn’t a fee cost for pushed or dropping bets.


The home supplier will alternate with the gamers as to who will financial institution. A participant should qualify to be financial institution by first eager to be the financial institution and have the funds for wagered to cowl the opposite gamers bets and the sellers wager. If the participant refuses or is unable to financial institution , The home will financial institution. When a participant banks the supplier will wager an quantity equal to the gamers wager on the continuing hand.

Recreation Procedures:

Whether or not the home is banking or not, the supplier will at all times set its hand final, and the supplier has to set its arms based on home guidelines. If the supplier units their hand incorrectly, and one resolution is made, the supplier has to play the hand as set.

The sport begins with the supplier shuffling the playing cards. Then offers out 7 piles of 7-card arms in entrance of the chip tray. Then who ever is the banker will shake the cube cup, which determines the place of the primary hand (1 by 7). The banker is counted as 1, 8, or 15 and it rotates counter clockwise.

All bets have to be positioned inside the betting space earlier than the cube cup is opened.

Then the supplier distributes the hand based on the roll of the cube.

Gamers then set their arms first, and the supplier will then flip over and set their hand, the gamers could not contact their playing cards after the sellers hand is uncovered.

The supplier will then expose the gamers arms in counter clockwise path and every hand shall be settled individually towards the bankers hand. Push arms are indicated by the supplier saying “push” and by the supplier bodily patting the desk to point a push.

If their was a participant as financial institution, the banker performs his hand towards the supplier first after which towards every participant in counter clockwise path.

If all of the seats are taken, anybody can wager on a seated gamers hand if (1) the seated participant permits it, (2) the whole wager doesn’t exceed the desk restrict.

The seated participant has the one authority on the right way to set the hand, and any seated participant has the fitting to object to non- gamers standing behind them.

If a participant is the financial institution, attempt to keep away from exposing your hand as a result of it should give the banker a bonus in the event that they see the way you set your hand. When the supplier is financial institution it does not matter for those who expose your hand as a result of the supplier has to set his hand based on home guidelines each time.

When you’ve got any questions on the right way to set your hand, the supplier could help in establishing the hand based on the home guidelines and arranging the playing cards to the very best potential winner. However the supplier will not be liable for any losses.

Gamers could not have a look at one other gamers hand, however could help one other participant after he has set his hand.

The supplier will set at all times set their arms the identical, to play the very best potential winner or push hand.

Order of the arms from highest to lowest:

1. 5 Aces -includes the joker
2. Royal Flush
3. Straight Flush
4. 4 Of A Form
5. Full Home
6. Flush
7. Straight
8. Three Of A Form
9. Two Pairs
10. One Pair
11. Excessive Card

In Pai Gow Poker the hand of (A, Ok, Q, J, 10) is the very best straight and the the second highest straight is the hand (A, 2, 3, 4, 5).

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